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Affects even us Homos!
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Sol by myks0
My favourite character ever, biggest influence on my personality - Sol Angelica av Isfolket. So brave, so daring, confused as fuck.

I even picked a name after her on my confirmation, Solange! so yeah my name is Lena Maja Solange and it makes me feel proud. Though I wouldn't enjoy the thought of my daughter reading those books now haha. I mean I don't have a daughter, I'm not even cabable of keeping goldfish alive. Just thinking out loud here. Great saga, go read (seems a little silly and embarassing after years now though :') ).

Been testing new software here, who'd guess? Clip Studio Paint, recommended by so many people, I think it's time to move on now. Bye bye Sai, it's not you, it's me.

Commissions are still closed, and I am still up to my ass in confusion concerning those few that are left for me to do. I'm sorry, it's really difficult for me to organise.

Go read Isfolket saga!

Thanks to S-Selene for reminding me the existence this character :) Sol Angelica for H. by s-selene Ah Sol, such nostalgy.
Naija by myks0
commission for :iconsaigonoame:, her half-elf character Naija.
PLEASE don't use without :iconsaigonoame:'s permission! :heart:

hey guys what's up! (my anxiety and commissions)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 7, 2015, 12:55 PM


summer here has exploded to its fulliest, reaching 36'C degrees today, which in the middle of this concrete jungle is just a pure hell. i hope you are enjoying your holidays (if you have any), and if you, like me, die from heat when temperature goes above 20'C, please remember to stay indoors if possible and hydrated as fuck.

commissions are DEAD CLOSED for i don't know how long, im going to finish the old ones asap (or give refund to those who want). why? becuase i received a message from polish publisher today, saying they are interested in working with me, and if the negotiations go well, i hope i wouldnt have to do commissions for some longer time.. don't get me wrong, i love working with people and drawing their ocs, but getting paid 30€ for a piece on which im spending five days straight is just a little... humiliating. food got more expensive here and yeah its cool that instead of saying 'im starving' i can say 'im working on my beach body', but come on i need some fair paid job to live.

aside from paid work i am working on a bigger Secret Project, that you will see soon, if the time and my energy for drawing allows ;)

so stay tuned, enjoy the sun and remain beautiful and happy! :heart:


personal things now
i finished my last doze of SSRI meds ten days ago, and oh god... the withdrawal symptoms are strong with this one. i feel like im going through the most hardcore flu, hangover and rehab alltogether... brain zaps appear even when i move my eyeballs XD i watch cat videos online and tears run down my cheeks - and you know what, it feels AWESOME! i feel like slowly i am beginning to be the same person i was before the first anxiety/panic attacks, (last panic attack: february, last anxiety attack: may) and man it feels sweet to be alive, present and not afraid of existing anymore. i hope this hell will never return.

and again - if you are suffering from anxiety disorder and have noone to talk to, i am always open for hearing you out and giving my best hints how to deal with it. this illness is difficult to bear with, but totally curable, never forget that! im here to give my support if needed. :heart:

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: michael's complaining
  • Watching: klan
  • Playing: trying not to... OKAY GUILD WARS 2
  • Eating: mozarella ball
before and after by myks0
before and after
ah  man idk, might scrap it later, so shameful ^^'
It's about you and the Sun by myks0
It's about you and the Sun
remake of an old work, to celebrate 200th dA submission :)

my love for Thane has had its ups and downs, but now I adore him as much as always :)
All the Thanemancer's feelings came back to me and I'm super good with it :heart:


myks0's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I'm just your average kitten in the woods. Or, city in my case. I may be a lion on the exterior, but I'm a pussy at heart. I play computer games and ride a bike and am a self-professed nerd.

At the risk of this sounding like a dating profile, I'll come out and say that I like long walks on the beach and walking in the rain.

:heart:Mass Effect Normandy Stamp by RebelATS:heart:

pixel 3DS black by silver-escapepixel PSP by silver-escape





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